Spot the Spot Shimp

On the third floor of the Aquarium next to the octopus exhibit is a diverse Pacific tank that is glowing with vibrant colors. One of its more subdued residents sports handsome stripes and distinct spots. Can you spot the spot shrimp (Pandalus platyceros)?

Spot shrimp

The shrimp in our exhibit, which actually aren't so shrimpy, can be found in rocky burrows on the left side of the exhibit. They have a deep orange/brown body with white lines on their heads and two pairs of white spots on the tail. They can grow to be around 9 inches long from the tips of their antennae to their tail and live more than 10 years! You can find them noshing on worms, dead organic material, algae, small mollusks, sponges and even other shrimp. In the wild, the species is found in deep subtidal habitats of the Pacific Northwest and are a commercially important species to fishermen in that region. 

Two spot shrimp!

Other animals to look for in this exhibit include anemones, feather duster worms, several species of fish, sea stars and urchins.

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