Goosefish Egg Veil: Three for the year!

We've discussed the beauty of the goosefish egg veil before—three times this year, in fact! This uniquely beautiful fish has wowed everyone at the Aquarium by laying her third egg veil this year. And it never ceases to be beautiful.

Just a few pictures of this graceful, gauzy, temporary addition to the goosefish exhibit.

Educators describe the bubble net as similar to bubble wrap. This image illustrates this idea quite well, no?

The gauzy egg veil enshrouds the exhibit's sea weed

The goosefish, a bit smaller and probably tired after laying the egg veil  

There are several hundred thousand eggs in this sheet, which can be as long as 60 feet. 

Here's a look back at some of the other egg veils that have graced this exhibit over the years:
And here are a couple posts about the goosefish and other residents of the Northern Waters Gallery:

There is no male in this exhibit, so don't expect baby goosefish. But this is still a really special occasion; the goosefish has never laid three egg veils in one year before. The eggs will remain in the exhibit for only a couple days, so if you want to see this amazing sight in person you should hurry to Central Wharf. Buy your tickets online and print at home, you'll be visiting this special lady and her egg veil in no time.

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