Seahorses wrestle for position [Videos]

Seahorses are a visitor favorite at the Aquarium. This unique exhibit provides a variety of angles for viewing seahorse behavior.

A couple months ago, I was feeding the seahorse exhibit and noticed some very intense behavior among the seahorses. One female was resting among the algae in the exhibit while her pair bonded male hovered around her. If other males came near her he would chase them away by bumping heads with them and even using his tail to drag them away. Check out this video showing some of that territorial behavior.

Months later the seahorses are still at it. This footage shows one seahorse dragging another around the exhibit.

Info Alert! Do you know male seahorses have a pouch on their belly? The male gets the eggs from the female and carries the "fry" much like a female kangaroo carries a joey. Yep! The males get pregnant. If you look closely in the video, you’ll notice that the male seahorses have puffed up pouches. When they are being territorial, a male seahorse will fill his pouch with seawater to look big and impressive to his mate.
-Dave (With some help from Jeff)

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