Egg veil: It's that time of year again

As she has for the past couple years, our beautiful goosefish has laid another gossamer egg veil. Like last year, this one is about 60 feet long, made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny eggs held together in a flexible sheet.

Look for the goosefish, an anglerfish, in the lower left of the picture.

There she is. She laid the eggs over the weekend.

Without a male goosefish in the exhibit, the eggs are not fertilized. The veil will gracefully flow throughout the exhibit until this weekend. That's when the aquarist who takes care of this fish will likely remove the eggs, which is when the veil usually starts to disintegrate.

Come visit sometime this week to be sure to see this special sight! You'll find the goosefish in the Northern Waters Gallery, not far from the octopus. Be sure to tune in right here tomorrow, we're posting a video of the egg veil.

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