A Very Positive Interaction

A few days ago I went into the anaconda tank to scrub off some very stubborn algae on the window. I had a spotter in the back to tell me where the snakes were while I wore a mask and snorkel so I could see underwater. Every time I had the mask settled on my face and got down to work, Ashley the anaconda came to see what I was doing.

A job that should have taken ten minutes stretched into an hour and a half. On the upside, I had a wonderful interaction with Ashley. She came over and put her head on my arm for a while and allowed me to touch and handle her with no protest. Normally I can handle Ashley but she will usually wander off to do her own thing. I was very excited to have had such a long and very positive interaction with her.

Ashley and me.



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  1. Hi Marion!! I learned of you through Sy Montgomery's book Soul of an Octopus! FascinatingFto hear you had 2 anacondas resting their heads in your lap at once, and to hear the positive impact you've had on their care and handling 😊