Meet the small fish who eat Anaconda skin - cory cats

There are several species of small Amazon catfish inhabiting the Amazon Reptiles Exhibit. The smallest are the cory cats. There are several species of Corydoras (cory - helmet, doras - leathery skin) catfish. The species on display is Corydoras adolfoi, named for Adolfo Schwartz, the explorer who discovered the species in 1982. You may have seen these or similar species for sale at your local pet store. They are a popular hobbyist fish.

A close up of some Corydoras adolfoi in holding at the aquarium.

This species maxes out at about 2.5 inches from the tip of their noses to the tips of their tails. They are originally from a tributary of the Rio Negro in Brazil. A slightly timid species, they prefer to live in groups of six or more fish. There is a large school in the Amazon reptiles exhibit. They can often be seen munching on shed anaconda skin.

A school of Corydoras adolfoi in the Amazon Reptiles Exhibit, sitting on and around an anaconda.

- Marion


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