Jellies have to eat

While friends and families across the country are preparing to feast on Thanksgiving favorites, let's take a moment to see how other animals eat. Even thought the Aquarium is closed for the day, Myrtle still gets to graze on squid and lettuce. The seals snack on herring, smelts and squid. Of course, the smaller animals eat, too.

Just because they don't have teeth doesn't mean that sea jellies don't eat! This video shows beroe jellies eating other jellies. Watch how they swim along and engulf smaller ones. Once in their "belly," enzymes and muscular contractions help break down the food. Beroe jellies have been known to eat other jellies nearly half their size!

Comb jellies are also noted for the cilia, or tiny arms, which propel the animal through the water. The constant wave motion of the cilia give off an iridescent sparkle. Come by the Aquarium this weekend, perhaps the twinkle of the comb jellies will put you in the holiday spirit!

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