A Wolffish Grin

In the dark corners of the Boulder Reef exhibit is a fish with quite a toothy grin. It's the wolffish (Anarhichas lupus)!

Wolffish are elongated fish may a face that only a mother could love, with a set of snaggleteeth that are replaced every year. But they are fascinating creatures. In 2011, several young Aquarium scientists traveled to the Montreal Biodome to study two species of wolffish: Atlantic wolffish and spotted wolffish. They were studying how the fish respond to stress, as one fish guest blogged about in this post (wink!), by sampling a tiny bit of the fish's blood. Read about the intern and graduate students' experience here.

Those teeth are sharp! An Atlantic wolffish bears battle scars from aggressive tank-mates at the Montreal Biodome.

As gnarled and grizzly as they may look, they are commercially relevant for their eggs (caviar) and meat. Consider how your seafood choices can help the oceans. Visit www.neaq.org/seafood.

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